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bear damage
A benefit of clearcuts is to provide feeding areas for wildlife to thrive in.Location:
NW Washington
Olympic Peninsula
America is rich in forest resource.  100% utilization is our industry goal.  Blue Glacier on Mt. Olympus in the backgroundConifer crown closure kills intolerant browse species .Devastating black bear damage destroys investment of years.Crown closure creates environment of low light for mushroom microsite.Hungry black bears eat the cambium layer of this 12 year old Douglas Fir after winter hibernationRain starting on a summer afternoon / example of today's practical silviculture by foresters managing resource in a forty year crop rotationOld growth Sitka Spruce (picea sitchensis) near Goodman Creek
Only in America can we afford this luxury of wasting energy.  Brush species provide habitat for wildlifeVine Maple competes for space against other species and provides little valueOrganic biomass disposal is making room for healthy seedlings.  Disposal of waste can provide energy as biofuel while creating jobs for workers and wealth for taxes to support governmentWild flowers populate spur road after recent harvest with a new plantation startedHungry beaver creating work of art
Dust from the herd surrounds this young bull elk on a warm summer day
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